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Auvai Text to Speech Application and Firefox/Thunderbird Extension

When you are browsing through a Tamil Unicode website this extension talks the text selected by you. This is helpful when you have a lot of content to be read and you are tired. Just select the text and make it talk for you. Sit back and relax hearing.

What is Auvai?

Auvai is a Java based application/API Using which you can make it talk the Tamil Unicode Text file.

 Auvai is also a Firefox/Thunder Bird extension using which you can make it talk the Tamil Unicode encoded content in websites and emails.

Auvai is useful especially for the users who have a lot of content to read when tired. This is useful for the users with eye sight defect and other sight related minor problems. It adds the talking accessibility option to Firefox/Thunderbird.

 Auvai supports webpages which requires login and web pages that uses cookies. It also talks the web pages which uses FRAMES.

Auvai Firefox/Thunder Bird extension is developed based on the Auvai Text To Speech Java API provided at http://auvai.sourceforge.net

Version History

0.1 (under development)

  • Talk the Selection
  • Tamil Unicode talking support only


Auvai Text to speech is still under development. Download links will be available after its been released.

Visit http://auvai.cvs.sourceforge.net/auvai/ to browse the Auvai Java API and Application code

Visit http://www.mozdev.org/source/browse/auvai/ to browse the Auvai Firefox Extension code

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