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Adhiyaman for websites 1.0 PDF Print E-mail

Are you the website owner/administrator of a website with various Tamil encodings (like TAB/TAM/TSCII) ? Always wondering how you can completely convert your website to Unicode Tamil? Then here is your easiest solution called "Adhiyaman for websites" a tool you can use for free.

This tool is used for converting the entire website (or a particular directory and its sub directories) which has content based on various Tamil encodings (like TAB/TAM/TSCII) to Unicode Tamil. If you are a web master or owner of a website which is based on various Tamil encodings (like TAB/TAM/TSCII) and would like to convert all your content from TAB/TAM/TSCII to Unicode Tamil, this is the tool for you. This tool need to be uploaded to your website and need to be run from there. This tool will convert the files in your web server. This is not a tool for converting your client side HTML files.

 I would like to thank Mr. Ulagan and Mr.Ira.Kumaran from World Socialist Website (http://www.wsws.org/tamil/) for giving me the idea and requirement. I would also like to thank Mr.Mugunth, Mr.Krupa Shankar, Mr. Amala Singh, Mr. Mu.Mayuran and Mr. Ka.Sethu for testing the pre-release and providing ideas and requirements for the next release of this tool.

Please spread a word about this tool to your friends who are the owner/administrators of websites with various Tamil encodings (like TAB/TAM/TSCII). If you want to report any bugs in this tool, please mail me your bug with details.

I wish all the World Tamilians a Happy Pongal and New Year

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