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About Gopi

Gopi also known as Gopalakrishnan is a software professional from India. He has worked for various software companies in health care, financial and e-Commerce based products.

His technical expertise: Core Java, CORBA, J2EE, JSP, XML, JavaScript, Perl/CGI and shell scripting.

His domain expertise: Development, Server Technologies, Network administration and Release management.

He has worked for a New York based consulting company on site for around 6 months. With over 15 years of technical expertise, he has a sound record of middle level management skills too.

Current Status:

Gopi is currently working with an MNC in Singapore. You can reach him at


Gopi has contributed to some of the sourceforge.net projects as a mentor,project owner, administrator and developer.

Gopi is very much interested in fast up-growing Bluetooth technology and is an adopter member of Bluetooth

Gopi is an active member of Apple Developer connection (ADC).

Gopi is a member of SSC - The voluntary health care organization which constantly conducts Medical camps and health care awareness programs in various parts of south Indian districts. SSC presently has about 35 medical professionals and around 80 non medical volunteers to make this possible every time

Gopi is a valued member of SSC Engineers - The voluntary engineers organization which conducts career counseling,engineering educational services, guidances and soft skills workshop.

Gopi is a member of tamil bloggers community and contributed to customization and simple techniques for tamil blogs . He is now blogging at his tamil blogs brindavanam kanangal and variyar


Gopi is a brainbench certified professional in CGI Scripting, Perl, Apache 1.3.12 Administration, JSP, Java 2, JavaScript, HTML 4.0 and DHTML

Gopi is a Certified ScrumMaster and implemented numerous Agile/Scrum based software development projects.

This website:

In this website, some of the pictures can be seen under the GALLERY section. This section also contains some of the drawings and chalk piece sculpture done by Gopi.

Gopi has developed some online games that are available under the GAMES section. The tools and other utilities developed by Gopi are available for use under the TOOLS and DOWNLOADS section. These tools includes the Unicode language converters, ecoding converters, Split Join utility etc. Latest news about Gopi and his tools can be found at NEWS section

This website is being updated with new content and features, tools and useful downloads quite frequently.

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