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Tamil Visai 0.4.0 Released PDF Print E-mail

14 January, 2008

The latest version of Tamil Visai (formarly known as Tamilkey) mozilla extension is released on 15th January 2008

Bugs fixed in this version:

  • TamilVisai not working in Chatzilla
  • TamilVisai not working new GMail compose window
  • Tamil 99 rules
    5,7,9,10,11 are not present
  • Tamil 99 special characters (௺,௹) are not present
  • Tamil 99 Ayudam 'ஃ' cannot be typed.
  • In Anjal keyboard typing 'qpyarqpaakS' does not convert as 'ஃபயர்ஃபாக்ஸ்'
  • Bamini/Old/New typewriters kombu, pulli related bugs
  • Bamini/Old/New typewriters canonical equivalence for Ogaram, Augaram related bug
  • Bamini/New typewriters otru next to augaram related bug
  • Bamini/New typewriter missing letters

New Features in this version:

  1. Pre-selected website URLs

  2. You can enter the URLs and required keyboard for the websites that you browse regularly. When you browse next time, the keyboard will be triggered automatically.

  3. Selected item changes

  4. When TamilVisai is in selection, the text box background will be changed to light blue and the border will be dashed blue.

  5. New keyboards:

  6. Inscript keyboard is added in this release.
    Avvai keyboard is added in this release.

  7. Right click context menu changes

  8. Now you can select which keyboards to be shown in the right click context menu. If automatic keyboard is selected, it will show the required keyboard also even if its selected to be hidden from the right click context menu.

    You can download and install the TamilVisai 0.4.0 as specified at http://tamilkey.mozdev.org/installation.html.

    Soon this release will be avaiable from Mozilla Extensions website. When available, the browsers with previous version of TamilVisai installed already will get updated automatically.

    I would like to thank Sethu and Mayooresan from Thamizha! Free Tamil Computing group ,Suratha Yarlvaanan, Ravi Shankar, Balabharathi and others who have contributed in the testing of this extension.

    if you would like to raise any bug or feature request please raise it at http://tamilkey.mozdev.org/bugs.html.

    "Tamilar Thirunal" wishes for the Tamils all around the world.
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